Social Media Posting for Restoration Companies

In today’s digital age, having a strong presence on social media is crucial for businesses of all kinds, including restoration companies. But simply having an account and posting every once in a while, will not make a difference. To truly leverage the power of social media, consistency and strategy are key. 

If you’re running a restoration company and post sporadically on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, chances are your content is getting lost in the vast sea of updates. Studies show that unless you’re posting at least four times a week on each platform, your followers are likely missing out on what you have to offer. 

Even today, word of mouth remains a powerful force in driving business growth. While it’s unlikely that someone facing a flooded kitchen will immediately turn to Instagram or Facebook to find a restoration company, maintaining an active presence on social media keeps your brand top of mind for existing clients and potential referrals

Enter TR Digital powered by ajile MEDIA. We’ve developed a solution tailored to enhance your existing social media strategy and elevate your marketing efforts. With our service, you can focus on running your business while we make sure your social media channels have content to stay in front of your followers. 

Here’s how it works: for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we’ll post four times a week on your behalf. Don’t have accounts set up? No problem – we have a program that can help create them for you and start delivering content that resonates with your audience. 

It’s important to note that while we provide curated content to keep your followers engaged, we encourage you to share personalized updates such as team photos, before-and-after job shots, and testimonials. This blend of content ensures that your brand remains visible and relevant. 

Let’s break down what our service entails: 

What It Is: 

  • Social media posting to complement your existing strategy. 
  • A tool for staying top of mind with clients, partners and potential customers. 
  • Educational and informative content that positions you as an industry expert. 
  • Increased brand visibility with four weekly posts on each major platform. 

What It Isn’t: 

  • A follower growth tool – you’re responsible for actively building your audience. 
  • A guarantee of leads. Our focus is on brand awareness, not direct conversions. 
  • Advertising. While we offer social media advertising services, this is separate from our posting service. 
  • Account management. You’ll need to engage with your audience and respond to comments. 

At ajile MEDIA, we’re dedicated to helping you grow your damage restoration business and boost brand awareness through TR Digital. Contact us at or give us a call for a complimentary review of your existing marketing strategy. 

Don’t let your restoration company get lost in the noise of social media. Partner with TR Digital and take control of your social media presence today. 

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